We’ve found the top routines and beliefs successful entrepreneurs use every day.


Morning Routines

After studying the schedules of various high achievers, Author Laura Vanderkan, found they have one thing in common – they get up early!

Getting up early has lots of benefits. You have the chance to be available and present before the chaos of the day begins. This can improve your mood and give you a great sense of control. Getting those odd jobs out of the way where there is stillness and quiet gives you the chance to focus on your goals for the day.


Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Most successful entrepreneurs will work whenever inspiration strikes, as they know they will be more productive now rather than later.

If you have a great idea for work, strike while the iron is hot and get working! If you are unable to work on an idea straight away, write it down and come back to it when you have the time.

HOT TIP: Keep ideas stored on your phone in the Notes app, or send yourself a message or email with the idea! That way you can refer back to it later.


Do important work first

Our brains are sharpest earlier in the day (ever heard the saying 3.30itis?) so this is the best time to tackle the more challenging work. Save the filing, emails and tedious admin work for the afternoon shift.

HOT TIP: Set your schedule for the next day while you are still at work. Plan your most important tasks in the morning and schedule specific timeslots in the afternoon for adhoc jobs to guarantee a productive day.

Believe In Yourself

Successful entrepreneurs believe in their work and see value in what they do. It is difficult to become successful if you are not passionate about what you do.

By listening to people’s criticism who do not support your ideas, you will begin to doubt yourself.

Remember that if you believe in your work, you don’t need the reassurance of others.

Switch Off

Worrying about your never-ending task list can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. We recommend writing down your work to-do list for the following day at the end of your day. This will help you feel motivated for the next day and allow you to switch off and enjoy your evening.



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