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Help with Premium Funding

We, at Clear Insurance, can assist with Premium Funding to help support cash flow management and reduce the risk of under insurance. Our experienced risk and insurance advisers can advise on suitable premium funding solutions to meet your needs.

What is Premium Funding?

Premium funding is a finance solution (loan) that enables you to breakdown the annual insurance premiums into manageable repayments, such as monthly payments. The Premium Funder will pay the insurance premium on your behalf, by the due date, to ensure you meet the insurer payment deadlines. Reassuringly, they can do this for multiple policies. In the meantime, the premium funder will set up a regular payment schedule for you to repay the loan.

The Benefits of Premium Funding
Premium funding may free up cash flow for your business and offers flexible payments to relieve cash flow pressure. Plus, the interest charged on the premium funding may be tax deductible.

Factors to consider
The payments are subject to interest. Should you default on, or be unable to pay, your scheduled payments, the premium funder may take steps to cancel the insurance policies covered by your premium funding agreement.

It’s vital to consider the cost of the premium funding and your cashflow requirements.

Your risk and insurance adviser can guide you through the options for your business needs.

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