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We, at Clear Insurance, can assist with the following insurances as well as your industry-specific needs:


We identify your risks and recommend appropriate insurances for your business and specific industry needs. When determining your risks, we highly recommend you consider using additional professional services to obtain more detailed information. Such as:

Risk Surveys
A risk survey will identify the risks in your business that may lead to potential insurance claims in the future. A risk survey report will allow insurers to understand your business operations clearly and offer a proper level of cover for your risks.

Business Interruption Reviews
Business Interruption Insurance gives your business vital cash flow when your business suffers insurable damage. We recommend professionals who can assist with calculations to ensure your insurance sums are appropriate for your unique business and industry.

Insurance Replacement Valuations
A valuer will complete your insurance replacement valuation to ensure your nominated building and contents insurance sums are current, replacement values. An appraisal will remove the guesswork, ensuring your insurance sums match your needs accurately.

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