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Are you finding it difficult to buy insurance for your business?

Navigating insurance is hard at the of best times, let alone when it’s hard-to-place insurance. Often, the cost of the premiums can lead you to question their worth.  

We understand it can be frustrating and even tempting to avoid insurance.  

At Clear Insurance, we use over 100 years of combined general insurance expertise to help you build an accurate business risk profile for insurers. We examine your risk appetite and help you negotiate the most appropriate insurance solutions for your needs.  

We ask the tough questions and guide you through the process so you can confidently move forward.  

We empower you to decide whether to keep, mitigate or transfer risks to insurance. 

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Are you a business with two or more of the following attributes?

  • A professional management structure or governing board

  • Multiple projects or income streams

  • Complex insurance needs

  • $2m+ turnover

  • 20+ Staff

  • Premises in one or more locations

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Advice you can trust

Clear Insurance is part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network. Steadfast’s scale and market leading innovation mean we are in a stronger position to secure the best insurance solutions for you, at a competitive price.

You can rely on our extensive experience in assessing risk exposure across various industries. With our help, you can build the most appropriate insurance program for your business.   

Ask about our fee-for-service approach and risk and insurance review for complete peace of mind. 

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Industries we support:

  • Clubs and Hospitality

  • Medical

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Tech and Start-Up

  • Not-for-Profit

  • Don’t see your industry? Contact us for help.

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Worksafe Connect Logo

“Clear Insurance has become a key partner for WorkSafe Connect. Lisa, Jen and the team have ensured that we understand the risks associated with our business interests and have helped us decide on the cover we need. From taking over an existing set of policies to the full re-marketing of our portfolio, the quality of service, transparency of advice and responsiveness to any request is outstanding. In Clear Insurance, we feel that we are working with a partner who wants the best result for our business and is helping us achieve success.”

Kathryn Lattin, Worksafe Connect
Yabbit Logo

“I have had such a good experience with Clear insurance. They recommended to me many changes to my old policies and in less than 4 months the difference saved me $80,000 so I am over the moon. They absolutely know their area of expertise. Thank you to Clear insurance and yes, I can’t recommend them enough.”

Darren Jansz, Yabbit
Maroochy RSL logo

“I simply wanted to say thank you for the effort and hard work that you’ve put into our proposal. We only see a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes to bring all of this together so on behalf of Maroochy RSL, thank you.”

Clare Paton, CEO, Maroochy RSL
Accoras Logo

“Clear Insurance completed an in-depth analysis of our insurance coverage, identifying our organisation was under-insured. They provided a comprehensive proposal specific to the context that we work in and our growth as a business. It is evident to me, Clear Insurance work diligently and tirelessly to truly understand the needs of their clients to protect them against potential risks.”

Rebecca Culverhouse, CEO, Accoras
Logan's Nursery for landscaping professionals logo.

“All the work you guys do to help us, we are really grateful.”

Debbie Green, Finance Officer, Logan's Nursery
Sureplan Friendly Society logo

“I note your disclosure of the Advisor Service Fee and think that this adds veracity to the insurance renewal process.”

Mary-Ann Cook, Managing Director, Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd
FitOut Glass & Aluminum Logo

“It’s refreshing to get great service!”

Cheryl Kelly, Office Manager, Fitout Glass and Aluminium

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