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About Clear Insurance

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Clear Insurance is an award-winning Platinum Practice and Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet. 


Our knowledgeable advisers use over 65 years of combined risk and insurance expertise to help you manage risk and minimise business interruption.


We work with you to establish your business risk profile and help you develop the most appropriate risk and insurance solutions for your business needs. 


We guide you through the process and collaborate on the negotiation and placement of your insurance program. 


With Clear Insurance advisers by your side, you can have complete confidence in your choice of insurer, insurance, and risk transfer program, regardless of complexity.


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How we work

We value you and your business. So, we pride ourselves on developing long-lasting client and insurer relationships.

Each year, we visit, review, and refresh our understanding of your business operations to ensure we represent your business needs to Insurers positively, accurately, and professionally.

We work in your best interests and actively help you streamline and simplify multiple policies. We collaborate with you and our local and international insurer network to source the most suitable insurance and risk transfer program for your business.

We help you maximise any long-term insurer benefits by helping you to build positive insurer relationships, so you can adjust policies with ease when business needs change.

Our knowledgeable advisers provide all the advice, help and support you need to understand and manage your business risk. Above all, we empower you to make informed purchase decisions on the best risk and insurance programs for your business needs.

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Our process makes your insurance needs … crystal clear.

Clear Insurance has the proven expertise to help you develop and secure the most suitable insurance and risk transfer program for your business.

Ultimately, we give you the tools to make informed purchase decisions with all the ongoing claims management and support you need.

Clear Partners

“I simply wanted to say thank you for the effort and hard work that you’ve put into our proposal. We only see a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes to bring all of this together so on behalf of Maroochy RSL, thank you.”

Clare Paton, CEO, Maroochy RSL

“Lisa and her team do a great job of managing our insurances. Lisa is always available to help out with any issues or queries and looks after the business’s interests. I highly recommend her.”

Daniel Zgrajewski, Company Secretary, PTB Group

“I highly recommend Lisa and her team. Lisa is very professional and efficient. When we had to make a claim, the process was super easy and hassle-free with Lisa’s help. Lisa certainly made the process of dealing with insurance companies hassle-free. Thank you, Lisa.”

Julie McLaws, General Manager, Tewantin Noosa RSL & Services Club

In fulfilling our insurance needs found dealing with Clear Insurance Brokers highly professional and efficient in achieving outcomes needed for our Club.

Paul Laffin, Club Manager, Past Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail

“All the work you guys do to help us, we are really grateful.”

Debbie Green, Finance Officer, Logan's Nursery

“I note your disclosure of the Advisor Service Fee and think that this adds veracity to the insurance renewal process.”

Mary-Ann Cook, Managing Director, Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd

When it’s Clear Insurance, it’s clear sailing…

The choice is Clear. Here’s why.