We’re delighted to share that we have started the new financial year with our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and a strategic move to the Steadfast Group as a Steadfast Network Broker. The move brings to a close our 12-year stint as a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) of Insurance Advisernet (IA).

Managing Director Lisa Carter says, “I founded Clear Insurance 12 years ago as an Insurance Advisernet Corporate Authorised Representative following an 11-year career with AON, which included being an Authorised Representative to AON for 7 years. I’m incredibly thankful for my time with Insurance Advisernet. It’s a great organisation and continues to be one of Australia’s leading Authorised Representative networks.”

“For us, it was time to step out of the AR model and continue to build Clear Insurance as a stand-alone business in partnership with the Steadfast Group. We’re delighted to have the support, resources, technologies and strength of Steadfast behind us as AFSL Holders.”

Clear Insurance remains steadfast in its commitment to providing professional advice to clients on a transparent fee-for-service remuneration model.

Lisa says, “Our focus is, and always has been, to delight clients with clear risk and insurance advice and a transparent approach to remuneration. We charge fees commensurate with our work to support our clients’ success. Our approach reinforces our value as business advisers, so we’re not interested in under-cutting our competitors or driving clients to make price-focused decisions which may risk under-insurance. It’s simply not in the client’s best interests.”

“We do it the Clear Way. We believe in transparency and nurture relationships with our people – our clients, team, insurers, and industry partners – they’re our people,” said Lisa.

Both Lisa and Clear Leader Jen Bettridge remain focused on our steady growth and devoted to our goal of attracting, nurturing, and retaining the next generation of elite risk and insurance advisers.

“Our goal is not to build another AR network in an already saturated marketplace. Our goal is to meet client needs and present insurers with high-quality, reliable business by continuing to build a highly coveted and rewarding workplace for our team – from a personal, professional, and financial perspective. We bridge the gap between the big international companies and the AR networks by offering motivated professionals unique career opportunities with better work-life balance,” says Lisa.

“We’re passionate about work-life balance and actively encourage good health and wellbeing for our team members. When you feel good, you have a stronger mindset to reach your personal and professional development goals. Our supportive team environment enables us to have our cake and eat it!”, Lisa continues. “I’m delighted that Clear Insurance has the solid foundations to support a stable and transparent future. It’s clear, the transition from transactional broking to professional advice is rapidly becoming a sustainable pathway for the future.”

“We’re fortunate to have the resources to concentrate on the satisfaction of our people – clients, staff and industry partners – and attract insurance professionals that want to learn the Clear way”, says Jen.

You can learn more about becoming part of Clear’s future on our careers page or contact Lisa Carter.