QLD Disaster Management

As we are heading dangerously close into the warmer months in Australia which, in Queensland is commonly known as the disaster season, we need to be prepared and ensure our businesses are protected against the worst.

Every year hazards like cyclones, floods and bushfires hit parts of Queensland. Sometimes they hit places where no one lives and cause no real harm and may even be good for the country. But they can be extremely damaging and expensive to come back from when they hit our more central locations.

Disasters can injure and kill people, destroy their homes and damage things like community buildings, roads, water supply, electric power and telephones, and cultural sites. Disasters cause a large amount of harm to a community.  Therefore, it is extremely important to have a plan in place and to be prepared within your risk management process to ensure your business and company has reduced risk if anything is to go wrong.

We have listed some really useful links below that will ultimately frame your action plan when it comes to planning your risk management process.

You not only need to be protected against the worst, but you should also be prepared.

Bushfire Action Plan

Bushfire Background Info

Bushfire Emergency List

Cyclone Action Plan

Cyclone Background Info

Flood Action Plan

Flood Background Info

Flood Emergency List

Hail Action Plan

Hail Background Info

Disaster Recovery

Hot Fire Risks

Marine Risks

Road Transportation

Roof Systems

Is your business prepared and protected for Queensland’s disaster season?If you would like to find out some more information or to book in to have a chat with the team at Clear Insurance, feel free to contact us today!