Insurance is a product designed to protect your risk so you’re covered when things go wrong. We can assist with tips on how to better manage your risk.

Risk Surveys – Completing a risk survey of your business will identify issues that may lead to potential insurance claims in the future. A liability risk survey, for example, will allow insurers to understand clearly the way your business operates, your activities, processes and so on. A Risk Survey Report puts everyone on the same page! Dave Collins at Riskex does a great job as does Darryl Witherington at Integrity Assessments.

Business Interruption Reviews – Business Interruption Insurance gives you the all-important cash flow when something’s gone wrong, and you’ve had to make a claim on your property insurance. Setting the right values on your business interruption insurance can be very tricky indeed! Engaging a business interruption expert such as LMI Group will allow you to get it right and know you have the right insurance cover if you ever need to use it. Check out the LMI website; they have a groovy thing called the BI Calculator that the LMI Group guru Allan Manning is just a tad proud of!

Insurance Replacement Valuations – How much will it cost to rebuild your buildings as new? Do you know? We’re not builders; you’re probably not either. Best to leave this to the experts! Engage a registered valuation company such as Andrew Nock Valuers and get those insurance values right. If you under-insure, you’ll be sorry as insurers usually penalise at claim time for under-insurance.

Is your business at risk? Use our Contingency Planning Tool to assess the risk factors and to help you come up with a course of action designed to respond effectively to a future event or situation that might directly affect your business.

Big or small, it will help to prepare for the unexpected. Click the link below to find out more.

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