About Trade Credit Insurance

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It’s fair to say that many SMEs (small to medium sized business) have suffered losses due to the non-payment of invoices from their customers (business to business transactions). Since many businesses deliver their products or services on credit terms, and since accounts receivable can be one of your largest assets,…

Women in the Insurance Industry


Clear Insurance has partnered up with Femeconomy to help spread the message and show women that it is possible for anybody to succeed if you’re willing to put in the effort. Check out Lisa Carter's Femeconomy guest article below: https://femeconomy.com/women-in-the-insurance-industry/

What to consider when choosing a medical indemnity insurance provider


All medical practitioners in Australia are required to have medical indemnity insurance cover, and rightly so. Medical indemnity insurance exists in order to protect both the doctor and the patient in the event of something going wrong from medical care. It’s not something that’s pleasant to think about, but anyone…

Cyber crime is on the rise


Crime expert warns against cyber crime. In the past two decades the global proliferation of digital technology, and the unscrupulous figures seeking to exploit it, has seen cyber risk become one of the leading risk factors for businesses in Australia. Criminal gangs are benefitting from society’s increased reliance on digital technology, the…

Cyber Crime – It could happen to you


Interesting article from Insurance Business on a recent Cyber attack on a Brisbane based business. http://www.insurancebusinessonline.com.au/news/major-hack-highlights-new-side-to-cyber-risk-201386.aspx

Clear Insurance – 2015 Adviser of the year – Insurance Advisernet


Lisa Carter and the team at Clear Insurance were honoured to be named 2015 advisers of the year at the Insurance Advisernet national conference in Hobart last week. Clear Insurance are proud to be part of the IA family and look forward to an exciting 2016! Lisa is humbled to be…