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Safe Haven is an Australian charity dedicated to providing safe and secure short-term community-based accommodation to individuals and families at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness.

With a critical shortage of emergency shelters and refuges in Australia, the work performed by Safe Haven helps to break the cycle of violence suffered by thousands of people every year.

Clear Insurance is proud to actively support the good work of Safe Haven and is excited to become one of their 100 Super Heroes. The ‘100 Heroes’ is a new campaign to raise awareness and funds for Safe Haven and involves 100 businesses donating at least $100 every month to the charity.

Once 100 businesses have signed up to the campaign, this will give Safe Haven a guaranteed $10,000 in donations each and every month, giving them the funds to help as many people as possible to find peace and safety in a time of personal crisis.

Clear Insurance has already signed up as a Super Hero and we are more than happy to donate $100 every month to such a worthwhile cause. We encourage as many businesses as possible to take the plunge and become a Safe Haven Super Hero!

Safe Haven makes a massive contribution to our community

In 2015, Denise Hunter, the founder of Safe Haven learnt that 56,000 phone calls were made to domestic abuse hotlines, but 18,000 were not answered. She realised that even if all the calls had been answered, there simply wasn’t enough emergency housing for everyone.

It’s a sad fact that many victims of domestic abuse remain in an abusive relationship because they have nowhere to go and would likely end up on the streets. In the latest Personal Safety Survey from the ABS (2016), 17% of women and 6% of men said that they had experienced violence by a partner, either in their current or previous relationships, and these are the people who admit to this type of violence.

Denise created Safe Haven to break this cycle of violence by providing victims with a safe refuge within a supportive environment in people’s homes. Members of the community who have a spare room are encouraged to register their room with Safe Haven and after a few necessary police checks can help men and women leave abusive situations before they turn violent.

Safe Haven is also focused on helping people to transition from these refuges back into the community, freeing up the emergency shelters for others who are in desperate need of immediate safe accommodation.

As a charity, Safe Haven is 100% funded from the public’s donations, which is why they have created their 100 Heroes campaign. Donating $100 per month will secure a ‘Hero Square’ on their wall of 100 Heroes at their website, helping this worthwhile charity to continue its good work long into the future.

With a mission to provide safe and secure temporary shelter for anyone at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness, as well as empowering these people to move on with their lives, Clear Insurance is proud to be one of Safe Haven’s 100 Super Heroes.

The Safe Haven Community needs more heroes to help prevent domestic violence. Please join us by registering your business at